Persephone Path Initiation

01 October Glastonbury  

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The New Mayan 260 Day Spiral

on 24 May 2017

In person in Glastonbury at the Dundon Beacon 



 Come and explore the Gemini part of the landscape with conscious intent

£33 per person ~ small group please book to ensure your space

You need to be fairly fit to do this as we are walking up the Dundon Beacon through the woods 

We will be initiating our conscious intent and working with the cosmic creation codes  and our personal alchemy codes

You will receive an ebook and key asteroid placements in your chart and a webinar recording 


Webinar at 7pm  


Wherever in the world you are you can take part

You will receive charts so please give time for me to do this for you

The webinar is live and recorded and I will share info with you and you can ask and share in the second half

You can also  just watch if you prefer and simply access the recording  




 New Workshops




The Sangha House

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              Online Webinars now happening

Next Workshop 2016 






Tuesday 06 September

1030 am


British Summer time


Living the Tzol Kin







Eye of the Storm Seminar  

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Emotional Awareness Workshops and Tapping Circles

beginning Thursday April 14 

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Heart Fire Initiation 



It is the start of the Astrological Wheel
Aries Fire 

The hero and heroine set out on the earthly quest 

Are you ready to work powerfully with conscious intent ?
Are you ready to let go of old patterns ?
Be aware of ancestral codes that you are here to transform and transcend ?

Embody new conscious codes of the sacred feminine ?
The fire Goddess Hestia/Vesta 
Eris awareness and transformation

This workshop is a powerful framework for the initiate ready to empower themselves and really enjoy the magical process 

You can exoerience this workshop in three ways:

1. Ebook only:

Download the pdf and use the coaching time specific frameworks to raise personal self awareness 

Go deeper if you choose and do the exercises


2. Ebook and personal Starcode and Mayan Sign info :

Go deeper into seeing and knowing the self with personal charts as to your bigger picture

What the starry skies are revealing for you at this time
How you can work with this knowledge to shape your destiny 

Where you are in your Mayan 13 year cycle ~ is it a year of letting go of the old? Creating a new 13 year cycle ?

£3 for the ebook 
£22 for the personal charts 

3. Ebook, personal charts 
and 90 minutes of energy coaching at a mutually convenient time via Skype plus follow up insights 

This is a powerful focused energy framework to create transformation using Emotional Freedom Technique at a level you feel is comfortable 


If I haven't done your charts before I will need time to do them so please allow for this.

I offer concessions please contact me



Being the Catalyst

March 09 Online Workshop with one to one Energy Coaching with Jo  



Are you ready to shape your destiny ?

Feeling it is time to commit to your soul journey and get clear focus ?
Are you looking to work with a practical structure of magickal alchemy ?

This online workshop is especially designed at this very powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse time

With the Sun veiled and the Moon in it's dark time 
In it's most psychic Moon ...

It is the perfect time to tune in and become clear about your past lives and the first part of this one

The realm of the 12th House 

What are your hidden powers ?

What are your gifts ?
What is requiring focus for you to feel fully alive and vibrant ?
As we travel through this life , at this time of transition, it can feel very challenging 
Sensitive people are often carrying energy and emotion that is dimming their light 
dulling their potency 
This often creates:
* energy shortages
* emotional overwhelm
* Struggles in all areas of life
* Feeling despondent and stuck on a wheel 

My speciality is working with practical frameworks of emotional balance, freedom and release and I have been working in this way for 9 years now 
I have a lot of experience at seeing patterns and code and working with people both in a practical and intuitive way 
This is the key at this time ~ coming into balance
What you will receive in the Workshop:
There is information:
How the emotional mind works and how to understand it
How to recognise when you are being triggered, where and when the life experiences created that

How to let go of these triggers and patterns and stop emotional overwhelm and energy loss

How to feel self~empowered and safe 

How to come to a calm peaceful place within ~ balancing heart and mind

Becoming more loving,accepting and open as a result of this inner work 

Bigger picture information:

Current Astrological and Mayan Calendar influences to aid understanding 

Your bigger picture Information:

Key Astrology and Mayan Codes that are influencing you right now and how to work with them 

There are 2 ways you can take part:

1. Ebook and energy coaching ~ You receive an ebook with time sensitive info and self awareness exercises to focus on , then arrange a skype call with me for a focused 90 minute energy 
coaching session ~ this is at a later mutually convenient date


2.Ebook only 


If you wish to you can add energy coaching at a later date 

There are some concessions available please contact me

If you are doing the ebook and energy coaching you will get a natal chart and a Mayan Sign chart 

If you are doing the ebook only and you wish to purchase this info seperately you may do so 


 Workshops from 2015

 Alchemical Workshops

for Mastery of the self 



 My Structure of Magic Empowerment Workshop 



Becoming more self aware of our personal structure is essential for self~empowerment and living a magical life

Are you ready to engage with your inner world?
Go deeper into yourself?

This workshop is designed to reveal what is coming up for transformation now 

Knowing our personal structure is key to getting off the labyrinth of the past and the mind creating our reality based on repeating the past until we let go of it having become conscious of our soul journey and the lessons we are here to learn and evolve 

Whatever has been happening for you in your life since the Summer Solstice in particular ~ June 21st 
is key for your personal transformation

This time is universally designed for working with our inner child to be free of old history 
To feel good about ourselves now no matter what our past has been

This workshop includes your personal Astrology and Mayan info 

This reveals your personal code 

It reveals Universal energies to work in alignment with ~ key astrology and the Mayan calendar 

You do not need any knowledge of this to take part ~ you know what has been challenging you

This is an online workshop so you can take part wherever you are in the world .

You will receive an ebook with a time sensitive self enquiry exercise

If you wish to do transformational work with me you can sign up for the coaching by Skype extra or can come to work with me in person in Glastonbury at a later date 

The ebook is £11
The coaching for 90 mins £22

Total for both £33

If I haven't already done your chart I will need time to do this so please allow for that

The coaching is using emotional freedom technique to let go of any emotional issues from the past working at a level you feel comfortable with




 The True Art of Magickal Manifesting



Saturday 16 May 2015

in Glastonbury or online and Skype  


Are you ready to take the bull by the horns ?
Ready to see yourself clearly and therefore ready to get clear of old bullsh*t getting in the way of your ability to create your heart's desire?

This workshop is in the Taurus part of the Glastonbury Zodiac .

The structure of Magic revealed in this workshop by people who are actually doing the process and as we are mere mortals... revealing that this is accessible to all ~ for those who dare to dream and take the steps to make it happen.

Doing it is key ~ not only thinking about it ~ not only affirming it and visualising it ~ being the change we want to see on planet earth here and now by taking practical grounded steps on planet earth .

This is powerful and experiential


More info on the link below:


How to train your Dragon

April 18 2015 in Glastonbury or online by Skype and ebook at a later date to suit your schedule 

This is a dynamic Workshop to initiate your Wheel of Fortune and Destiny 

It is intended to be fun and practical at the Aries ~ Fire Initiation time ~


Are you ready for New Beginnings ?
This is New Moon in Aries at 28 degrees 
The Dragon is our Soul Journey ~ are you ready to ride the snake of your destiny to it's fullest potentiality?

The Nodes in our Natal chart are key to our soul journey and are The Dragon

They show where we have been and what we are letting go of that may have been feeling heavy repeating pattern energy over the winter months

Are you ready to set your heart on fire and create the life of your dreams ?

Today in the Mayan this is the second day of the White Wizard Wavespell ~ Blue Lunar Eagle 
We can see our bigger picture and start to work with it consciously now 
This is key to the New Mayan Year coming on July 26 2015
White Planetary Wizard 

This is where our heart's desire ~ our MC in Astrology ~ our self empowered self ~ is revealed manifest. Whatever we have been doing in the last 9 years is revealed 
White Wizard is all about transforming our ego so we let the magic flow through us
Training our Dragon is key ~ all that is within us is all we need for personal alchemy 
Seeing that our solutions are seeded within each ego issue is the magical process that we can be using EFT
Emotional Freedom Technique creates powerful change when used in this way.

We will be sharing :

An Alchemical blend of information ~ 

Your personal information

The Universal information

and how to use this information in a practical way every day

It does not matter where you are with personal knowledge or on your own journey :-)
The only pre~ requisite is that you are open and willing to share where you are in some way with the group at a level you feel comfortable with
as when this happens we find amazing synchronicities
Not able to come to Glastonbury?

If you prefer ~ or are not able to come in person ~ you can take part online in the form of an ebook as and when it is convenient for you and the facillitator and then follow up with the transformational exercises ~ energy coaching ~ or more personal info on your Mayan Sign and Astrology 

£44 and concessions available ~ please contact me to discuss 

Included in the price ~ in person 
Ebook :
with Lifecoaching exercises to help you focus and resources to refer back to with current Astrology and info of the Universal info ~ 

Showing your personal energetic soul print:

Personal Astrology chart 
Personal Mayan chart ~ where you are on your 13 year cycle and what this means

Please reserve your space in person ~ limited numbers due to venue 

Please use the online booking link here:

For people participating by ebook ~ 

Time sensitive info and exercises and a 90 minute follow up coaching session on Skype at a mutually convenient time

For more info: 

Jo Kenworthy01458 448262

07772 877028

Optional Extras:

Lunch available at £5 per person ~ please book
Energy coaching extra sessions £40 for 90 minutes 
Mayan and Astrology Skype Sessions £40 for 90 minutes


Persephone Path

A series of workshops for the dark half of the year ~ Register now for September 2015 as I only do small groups due to the depth and nature of the work involved 




A series of 6 workshops 
In person or online 

Persephone is a myth 

Myths are creation codes in disguise 

Ways of being 

Ancient Wisdom 


There are various myths of a similar vein of a young maiden being taken into the underworld by Hades , also known as Pluto 

Persephone eats pomegranate seeds even though she has been warned to eat nothing in the underworld 

As a result she has to stay there for 6 months

Her mother ~ Demeter ~ the Goddess of the harvest 
searches for her everywhere and stops the return of the Spring until she finds her 

There are variations of this ~ Hermes being the one who finds her ~ messenger of the Gods ~ also known as Thoth in Egyptian Myth

This is a story of death and rebirth and the ability to go with the cycles of life 

Our inner youthful feminine energy can be lost to us when we are stuck in the story of our past and still have emotional pain and regrets 

These echoes can haunt us and hold us in darkness

In the UK the Autumn Equinox is on September 23rd and Spring Equinox is March 20th 

Dates for workshops TBA:

Creating Heaven on Earth




Are you feeling it is time to change your focus ?
Ready to "Know Thyself " ?
Are you wanting to work powerfully and become very self~aware , take responsibility for where you are on your path ?

To co create instead of co depend ?

To know your energy blueprint and understand what is happening and why it is happening now ?

This is an introductory workshop .

I will be bringing energy from Glastonbury ~ The Heart Chakra of the planet ~ where I have lived since 2011 since leaving Huddersfield ~ my personal energy and some incense and candles specially prepared from the area 

There will be a Tea Ceremony ~ with flowers from the locality ~ The Linden Trees , harvested in our Moon Gardening forays . 

We will go on a magical flight of intention aided by these flowers of healing and peace.

We are in an amazing year of balance and completion of the Sun and Moon 

Awakening our Moon Woman Energy 

Remembering who we really are

Prior to this workshop:

I will prepare a Starcode for you that reveals your personal Universal Barcode ~ your Star Seeded Journey in this life 

This shows a bigger picture of your destiny ~ the potentiality 

I will prepare your Mayan Sign 

This reveals a bigger picture of your Galactic Signature 

Where you are right now on your 13 year Castle of Exploration 

We will explore some of this information on the day

You will have an ebook to use every day if you choose 

We will also be sharing a Circle of Intention 

It is a Portal Day in the Mayan Calendar ~ which means that we can access all time and space beyond our sense of self to see what is possible when we know ourself 

This workshop is about self~empowerment using Ancient Wisdom techniques that work in a practical grounded way today .

A structure we can use every day to navigate our path 

See the Signs

Know what is seeking evolution within so we create evolution without

The information I am sharing may seem unfamiliar at first ~ with the approach of Saturn in Sagittarius in 2015 this is key 

It is time to educate ourselves about the languages of consciousness that have been gifted by our Ancestors 

They are the Codes of Creation 

and there are new structures for learning coming in as and when we are ready

They are easily assimilated by women who are naturally attuned to cycles and the wheel of nature

All can learn intuitively as and when ready ~ there is no pressure ~ trusting the process and developing skills of presence are key to being a clear channel

There is a limit on places due to the nature of the work and the room size ~ small numbers allow more connection and the ability to ask about personal patterns 

Please book your place with a deposit of £20 and contact me with your time,date and place of birth .

Booking essential ~ I will need to do your Mayan Signs and Starcodes if you haven't got that info already ~ 

£33 or pay what you can afford :-) If you wish to donate please contact me . 
You will then be aware of your energetic code and where you are on your thirteen year creativity cycle



 A regular monthly meeting for like minded people to come together and shine.

It will be held each month between the waxing and full moon for optimum energy and aligning with the natural cycles.

 Each month there will be a workshop that is experiential and is timely to assist with what we are choosing to create with the seasons of the earth.

There are other Shine Communities in Burley in Hampshire and

in Yorkshire

Shine Community in Burley link ~ Jess Woods is the contact for this group

Shine Community in Yorkshire link ~   Liz Green is the contact for this group

I will be doing the Love Magnet Workshop  In Burley on the 12th of February 

 Initial launch Workshop is Friday 14 February 2014 in Meadway Hall Compton Dundon at 7 for 730 pm

You can book your place in advance on the online shop page and bring your ticket and the workshop format which is

Love Magnet  

 Manifesting our Heart's Desire Using EFT or tapping  £6 per person

More info here on this link


The Art of Alchemy with EFT

Two Days of Alchemical Change 

01 and 02 March

In Person at Barefoot House Compton Dundon Somerset

£40 per person per day or £70 if you book both workshops

Concessions always available 

You can also access these online at the time via Skype or ebook and Skype to suit you at a later date 

Please contact me for the technicals :-) 



Whether you have just begun your awakening ~  an initiate ~  on your soul journey or are ~ an adept ~ and are very familiar with your own patterns and how to integrate them in The Great Work we are all here to create with...

These two day workshops are created to work for the seeker of transformational tools.

I use Emotional Freedom Technique, The Mayan Wavespell and Astrology to understand personal patterns and universal patterns ~ the frameworks that are here for our personal transformational process

I share these with you for you to use and develop the art of working daily and powerfully

These workshops are practical and experiential. 

More Information here on the link



I will need to do your Starcode and Mayan Sign for this workshop so please allow time for this