The Mayan Wavespell





The Mayan Wavespell calendar is an ancient tool created by the Maya people over thousands of years.


They observed the universe, the stars and their movements and how these affected life on planet earth.



They created many different calendars of different time periods. Some were for very long periods of time. The Wavespell or Tzolk'in as it is known, is a calendar that runs for 260 days concurrently.



It is broken down into thirteen day individual cycles.


Each thirteen day cycle has a special energetic teaching for us that allows us to see the


creation pattern of our universe 

It is a synchroniser ~ it reveals the matrix of life and the pure code of living from our heart


living in harmony with the cycles and with all of life 


It is the pulse of the sacred masculine and feminine pattern 


If we choose we can start to connect with it every day and start to evolve from our heart

opening ~ as a natural part of this process we let go of being led by the head and develop our innate heart wisdom , which brings us into balance with our feminine side and we start to go beyond the veil.

We create more conscious awareness


Here is more information about the Maya calendar generally: 

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Here is more information about 280 day Tzolk'in:

The Tzolk'in 


Here is my blog about The Tzolk'in: The Tzolk'in 




This is what the Tzolk'in looks like and you can see that there is a pattern that looks like a DNA helix in the centre.




The DNA pattern represent Galactic Portal Days which are energetically different to the others. 

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 I have written this in very simple terms for beginners :-)


When we are born, the day is significant as it has an energetic structure.


This creates our Mayan Sign. It is a cosmic code.


In one respect it is our Masculine principle which we can compare to our

Sun Sign in Astrological terms.


We are also born with a Mayan Moon ~ one of thirteen moon's and this can be seen as our Feminine


If you enter your date of birth into this decoder it will give you both your Mayan Sign and your Mayan Moon:

Foundation of the law of time decoder 


 When we are born , we are born into a

Mayan Wavespell

and this is our life purpose


to work with this teaching and learn and evolve with this code.


This is our soul journey and our star seeded mission 

So for example I am a Blue Solar Hand.

I was born in the Wavespell of Blue Storm.

If you look at the Blue Storm Wavespell on the link you will see my sign appears on Day 9 , so I was born on the 9th day of this Wavespell and therefore I am a number nine.

My life journey is to constantly create the catalyst in me and to be authentic about all of my emotions ~ particularly what we call the shadow emotions that are often unpopular :-) 

The energy of my Mayan Sign and my Wavespell is in the colour blue.


Blue in the Mayan represents the West which is all about transformation through the shadow.


This is my focus for myself and I also share my learning with others about how to do that.  

This Wavespell learning is very complex and multi faceted ~ just like our universe of course

the amazing web of life

and we can start to learn it simply step by step in our own unique way

Just like we learned to walk and talk as a child

We are energetically wired to learn in this way ~ we simply allow it. I did this initially by using a Mayan calendar and putting a piece of blue tac on it. Connecting to the energy and googling different things I felt drawn to . I have not tried to learn it from a book. When it is the perfect time for me I learn another aspect. All in good time ~ the heart time. Now we are moving into a New Age and a new way of being in all respects.

Here is the calendar I made to learn this. You can download it and use it if you choose. You can print it out and laminate it ~ it's big . Hang it somewhere and start to move your blue tac and watch how you magically start to connect with it :-)

Mayan Synchronisor 


If you feel ready to work with it more consciously please

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Here are some great resources that I use for

The Mayan Wavespell information :  ~ deep gratitude to Tracey Gendron for these amazing resources that have really assisted my journey  ~ so much info and free calendars and of course a  great decoder you can put any date into