What is energy coaching?

 Coaching is a process where a person can assist another to see their life from a different perspective

with the abilty to be more objective, as they are not living in that person's world.

They are looking onto it

and as they are not emotionally invested in any way in that world

they can offer potentially freer ideas

that the seeker may never have thought of .....

The coach as the guide is there to be discerning and sometimes challenging without judgement

When ordinary coaching is taking place there is simply an interchange of words and ideas as in counselling

This works at an intellectual, cognitive level and as such starts the process of awareness

On it's own it doesn't create change

The transformation process happens in a different space ~ the unconscious emotional mind

We live in an energetic universe and we create an energetic pattern based on our thoughts and beliefs.

Unless we change these and let go of any past emotional event attached to them we do not change our patterns

We are a holographic projector

Whatever we believe from our past is what we are seeing projected out on the world today

It is only when we change the inside that the outside changes

If the world we are seeing is a nightmare rather than a dream

the only way to change it

is to change our inner slides


The enlightenment process is literally bringing our shadow ego self to light. 

No matter what plans we may have for the future if we haven't addressed our past  emotional events

We will sabotage ourselves and keep repeating groundhog days over and over.

Emotional Freedom Technique is the perfect tool used with a life-coaching format and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques

assist in a process that helps us to truly let go of our limiting beliefs and empowers us to find new ways to create the life we want now.

We always know deep down what is stopping us from moving forwards and all our answers start to appear.

Another way to recognise these button pushers that cause an emotional reaction is by simply being aware of that each day.

Here is a great questionnaire  to use:

 Button Pushing