We are going through some amazing transition times

Since moving to Glastonbury in 2011 I have been helping people see the bigger picture of their life journey in a very specific way as I have started to see mine


Knowing our Mayan Sign and using it to work with the Mayan Wavespell Calendar is

an amazing way to align ourselves with an ancient wisdom and a sychronistic methodology.

If you would like to know more about this please contact me with your time, date and place of birth.

I offer it as a free gift as part of my journey to raising awareness.

When we arrived on the planet we came with our

Universal Barcode

I call this our Starcode ~ our natal chart of where the planets where in the heavens at the time of our birth

When we see the bigger picture we can start to understand why things have happened


and work more consciously now with insight about how the planets are energetically shaping our development and…. that everything is actually exactly as on purpose.

It gives so much meaning to our lives and we can feel empowered through seeing that and seeing our energetic code and patterns 

If you wish to check this out for yourself here are some links:

Mayan Sign info


When we have bigger picture awareness in this way we can see where our challenges are and start to work with key life stages and planetary events which are shaping our world evolution at the moment. 

As our butterfly process is happening there can be dark night's of the soul that feel very intense. 

EFT in particular can help us through this ego birthing process as we let go of our story and be the true star that we are


Are you ready to light your alchemical fire with more conscious awareness?