First of all you will need to know your Mayan Sign 


When you know your Mayan Sign you can create a bigger picture awareness about yourself which is an essential first step for the person who is choosing to start to know thyself and create transformation.




As well as thirteen day spirals we each have

 our own unique thirteen year spirals

and this information can assist you in becoming very aware of what is happening now and what is giving rise to it. I always find that when people are ready to start working consciously they contact me as this process is happening in a big way to them.

Of course this is happening more and more now at this planetary transition time 


Having this information is vital to the seeker. To see what we create and our patterns is essential to working powerfully. If we do not know ourself then we are literally in the dark :-)

This is the enlightenment process 

We all have the answers we seek and when we are ready we begin to focus on our shadow ~ our uncomfortable places, the source of our pain. This is where the gold lies awaiting the treasure seeker. Anything that is causing resistance in our world, in our health and in our wealth is the place to find our solutions and our salvation 

The Code for  living from the heart is in each wavespell .

Each one has it's own unique signature

Our unique wave spell ~ our life journey and our star seeded mission ~ comes around every 260 days ~ the same length of time a human baby is in the creation process in the womb 

It is the creation code inherent in our human ~ being ness 


Working with our individual Wavespell is very powerful 

Each day takes us on a journey of discovery about ourselves and what is seeking to be brought to light. Each day has an energetic code that takes us through a process. Everyone is unique in how they go through this and there is also a generic formula that is shared.

Here is a blog I wrote recently about this in one of the most powerful of transformational Wavespell's ~ Red Serpent.

This particular Wavespell is all about relationship and if it is yours it is all about your personal star seeded mission ~ right relationship that is authentic, from the heart instead of ego led from the head and co dependency. This is the major new learning for our planet at this time 

How I can assist you working with Wavespell's:

Free Mayan Sign and Starcode ~ send me your time, date, place of birth ~ there is currently a 14 day waiting period at the moment for this

Free consultation in person or on Skype/Phone ~ about where you are and what your resistance is at the moment ~ the gold in waiting  




 Awareness Raising:

Thoth Card Reading ~ By phone or Skype £33 

Go to online shop to book.


The process : 

At the start of the Wavespell we connect .

You decide what intention you wish to set for the next thirteen days to bring more conscious awareness to your inner world.

For example:

If you want to create a big transformation you may choose Blue Hand Wavespell 

If you want to see your bigger picture and how to know about your planetary vision you may choose Blue Eagle Wavespell 

You don't need to know about the Mayan Wavespell to do this or Thoth or tarot even ~ they are all simply tools that are known as divination tools ~ in practical every day language they show us what our patterns are and give us more awareness about who we are and why we do what we do and the ability to create change because of that ~ which is what we are here to do.



 I do a thirteen card reading for you with the Thoth Tarot and send you a document with that information in. Each day you can email me with a question about what has happened that day and I will respond to that.

The initial set up takes 30 minutes and I will spend 15 minutes a day on your question 



Here is a sample of what that document looks like

Thoth copy 




Transformational :

Energy coaching on Skype using EFT to assist you in expanding on what is from the heart in creating joy and letting go of what is creating heart ache.

You can book a block and receive a discount for your commitment

You can book individual sessions as and when you feel to

You can work with Mind, Body and Spirit ~

It could be something that is taking up headspace and creating stress

It could be going deeper and creating pain in your body

It could be showing up as a Spiritual crisis or gateway point



Wherever you are ~ the answers are there within you ~ it is your next step in your evolution and I can assist you in the transformational process.


Please ensure you book early for Wavespell Work as I can only work with so many people at a time :-)


Come and connect to Sacred Sites


Would you like a personal tour of Glastonbury or Avebury?

Would you like to explore crop circles?

Maybe do some transformational work in amazing high energy places?


Please contact me for a quote for your own personal tour or maybe a group

I can also do group workshops too