Bodywork therapies and therapeutic touch

Which will you choose?

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Imagine how it would feel to lie on a silken bed in the gentle warmth and smell the aroma of lavender - the butterflies flying over your head as you look at the corn blue sky?  

Please note ~ I only do body work for women  

Body Massage £30 for 60 minutes - pamper yourself or a loved one

Sensual relaxation can be yours as you experience an aromatherapy massage and choose the oils to create the mood you wish to feel.

Aromatherapy massage £40 for 90 minutes ( including consultation)

Maybe relaxed or vibrant , a synergistic blend can unwind worries and connect you to a place of well-being and feeling alive.

Reflexology - a powerful foot treatment that can release energy as you drift away in pure heaven £35 for 60 minutes