Welcome to my website.

I am passionate about the world of energy therapies because they have changed my world and so many people I have worked with.

They are truly transformational and if you choose to explore them with me

I will be honoured to be your guide.

I believe we live in amazing times and that we are truly capable of experiencing

personal alchemy with mind ~ blowing techniques

that create change in a powerful simple way.

The knowledge of these techniques is not new - it is ancient - and yet it may be new to you

and many people in our western world.

My ethos is to work with the whole - Mind Body Spirit.     

To learn how to balance ourselves when we move out of a place of well-being.

My beliefWe all have our own answers and the ability to heal ourselves 

and this is our potentiality.

This is what we are here for to awaken and live our lives to the fullest ,

expressing our unique gifts.

Knowledge gives us awareness and is the first step.

True change comes from the heart and feeling.

When we let go of energy from the past

and the emotion we are supressing

we can truly live in the now

from a place of

inspiration and peace

This is the Soul Alchemy Journey of the Ages 

My journey hasn't been easy at times and I have been down many paths

to find ways to help myself and my loved ones.

I work on myself every day using these

practical peace procedures

to create flow in my life

and in turn I share this with you

Please feel free to contact me for your free consultation so you can see for yourself how you feel about me and the therapies I use and how they can work for you.

 love from Jo 





I am trained and qualified in the following:

Emotional Freedom Technique and Energy Coaching

Neuro Linguistic Programming


Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy